Worship Ministry

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The people of God singing the praises of God in the presence of God for the purposes of God.


We desire to lead the people of the local church into a lifestyle of worship, to encounter and engage with the Lord in their daily lives. We strive to create an atmosphere in every worship service that invites people to seek the presence of the Lord for Him to minister to their needs through His power in their lives.

Weekend Worship

Sundays @ 10 AM

Quest Worship invites all to our weekend gathering to express prayer in song, every Sunday morning at 10 AM. We’re passionate in our expression through modern music styles including all generations of believers. We believe the Lord desires His worship to be LOUD & whole hearted!

Special Worship Events

throughout the year

We set apart special times for worshiping the Lord in song and engaging in community fellowship through Nights Of Worship, Worship Cafes, Prayer Breakfasts, and special summer midweek services.


Worship ministry team

Quest Worship uses Planning Center Online for service planning & preparation, internal communications and music resource distribution. If you’re part of Quest Worship, you can follow this link to enter the website: Planning Center Online

Live worship audio

Here are a few sample recordings of live Quest Worship and the accompanying chord charts:


1) Agreement

To start the process of becoming a member of our ministry team, first make sure you're on board with our core beliefs ( Who We Are & What We Stand For ) and begin attending our Worship Ministry midweek rehearsals to observe and get a feel for our ministry culture and how we do what we do as a team.


2) Alignment

Read & be on board with our Philosophy of Worship, our Standards of Serving, as well as our ministry expectations outlined in the Worship Ministry Manual.  We’ll have you join in on some of our rehearsals to get a feel for your flavor of musicianship & technical skill, to evaluate how we’ll do ministry together best.


3) Fill out a Ministry Application & submit to the Worship Pastor


4) Personal meeting with Worship Pastor

Our leadership would love to get to know you & hear your story!


5) Commitment to community

Personal involvement with team, individual preparation and regular rehearsals



In accordance with the values established in these statements, these are the values we look at for prospective participants in our Worship ministry:

            - Character: Servant-Hearted, Humble, Passionate, Positive Attitude

            - Musical/Technical Ability: Proficient at your craft

            - Availability: able to be a regular participant

            - Commitment: willing to be part of the family

            - Consistency: authentic & reliable

            - Ethic of Excellence: "good enough" is never good enough.


Only excellence is worthy for The King and His people!!!